JVC Everio-G Camcorder

JVC Everio-G Camcorder

The JVC Everio Digital Camcorder is the first hard drive storaged-based digital camcorder. This model comes with a 30GB hard drive with will record 7 hours of DVD-quality video.

We’ve featured a different model as a Gizmo of the Day recently because JVC is breaking new ground in the digital camcorder field with these products. The coolest feature is the bump protection similar to laptops that shuts down the hard drive when the digital camcorder is dropped to save data on the hard drive and imagine… no media (DVD recordables or MiniDV) to carry on your trip! I’m getting one before I leave for China next year for sure!

30GB hard drive: Imagine going on vacation and never having to buy tapes or replace discs. JVC’s Everio-G GZ-MG50US can record up to seven hours of DVD movie-quality (MPEG-2) video, or 10.5 hours at a quality comparable to a DVD camcorder’s 30-minute mode, to a built-in 30GB hard disk drive.

Compact design: This camcorder is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 14 oz. with the battery attached. Similar in design to a miniDV camcorder, the Everio GZ-MG50US is comfortable to hold and operate, and includes a large, 2.5� flip-out LCD screen for easy recording.

1.33-megapixel CCD: The 1.33-megapixel imaging device picks up impressive colors and extraordinary clarity for high resolution images every time.

3D noise reduction: Frame-based three-dimensional processing reduces video noise (visual static) by 30%, allowing you to get a bright picture with less noise, even in low light.

Zoom: With the powerful 15x zoom, an image is enlarged 15 times without jagged edges. Images can be further enlarged up to 700x when combined with the digital zoom.

Quick access to recordings: Recording video to a hard disk allows you to edit playlists just like on an MP3 player. Random access means you can quickly locate your recordings and easily rearrange the playback sequence. Plus, recording starts automatically from the blank space on the disk, so there’s no danger of mistakenly recording over something you want to save.

Easy playback: Once you have recorded that special occasion, sharing it with family and friends is a snap. Multiple connections allow convenient TV playback, dubbing to a VCR or DVD recorder, transfer to a PC or Mac for DVD creation, editing, or posting on the Internet, and even burning discs directly if you have a DVD burner.

USB high-speed interface: For quick downloading of Everio’s data to a PC, simply connect its USB 2.0 interface. All transfer is digital-to-digital so there is no quality loss in the process.

Bump protection: Just like notebook PCs, Everio-G camcorders have gravity-like force sensor systems that automatically sense sudden acceleration (as in a free fall situation) and turn off the power to protect the hard disk.

Memory card slot: Convenient for recording and transferring still images to other equipment, is a slot for SD memory cards (not included).

Data battery: Check the remaining battery power and remaining recording time in minutes at the touch of the INFO button, even while the camcorder’s power is off.

Price: $809.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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