iPad Pre-Order Perspective

There are two distinct camps when it comes to the iPad… those who have pre-ordered and are anxiously awaiting April 3rd by researching iPad accessories and those who call anyone that ordered an iPad a fanboy.  Let’s get some perspective on the iPad pre-order that started this past Friday.

There are estimates that over 150k units were pre-ordered online through the weekend.  Friday an estimated 25k were sold per hour but over the weekend only 1k unit were sold per hour totaling more that 150k units in 60 hours.  This was determined by tracking over 120 order numbers submitted by volunteers on a message board.  This number includes only those pre-ordered through Apple’s online store and the estimates do not include iPad reservations or any large-volume orders that have been placed directly with Apple’s sales force by businesses.

Daniel Tello (the analyst for the above study) estimates that Apple will hit the 1M unit sold mark the first week of sales.

These numbers sound impressive… but are they?

Considering the original iPhone took 74 days to sell 1M units and there are only 3M-4M tablets across all brands and makers selling globally every year, this Geek thinks Apple may have a hit on their hands.