INSTEON RemoteLinc EZ – remote and LampLinc starter kit

INSTEON RemoteLinc EZHere’s a relatively inexpensive way to turn off your household lights with handheld remote – the INSTEON RemoteLinc EZ. This starter kit includes the INSTEON RemoteLinc EZ and LampLinc Dual-Band EZ modules.

Plug a lamp into LampLinc EZ module, plug the LampLinc EZ module into an available outlet and link it to your remote control.

So now in a matter of minutes, you can get to turning lights on and off, dimming and even creating lighting ‘scenes’.

The Remote can control up to 5 devices; just buy additional LampLinc modules.

PS> INSTEON is a great technology that makes it easy to get started on a home automation adventure.

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Price: $49.99
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