InPhase To Demo Holographic Storage

Holographic media will get an airing next week in Las Vegas, as InPhase Technologies promises a demonstration of its first prototype system.

In addition, InPhase firmed up its product plans, too — the first InPhase drives will ship to commercial customers in 2006, at a larger 300-Gbyte capacity point.

Holographic storage has been in development for years, although InPhase announced its product, the Tapestry HSD5000 media, this past January. At the time, the company said a 200-GB drive, the HDS-200R, would ship this year with a 20-Mbyte transfer rate. For now, the technology is write-once, or WORM.

Based upon a statement released this week, however, InPhase has increased the capacity to 300 Gbytes. Access times are less than 200 milliseconds. The drives will be shipped to customers in 2006, the company said.

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