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Visa’s Rightcliq is a Visual Bookmarking Tool for Online Shoppers

Visa RightcliqCredit card and payments processor, Visa, has jumped into the online shopping industry at an indirect angle by creating an online visual bookmarking tool called Rightcliq.

The site works in conjunction with a plugin that works in either Firefox or IE which lets you snag an image and link to any item you run across while shopping online. You can then head back to the Rightcliq site any time to see your wishlist of items.

You can also bundle items into groups. For example, you may be shopping for a new computer and have your eye on a number of them, but also shopping for a birthday present for a friend.

Finally, you can enter your credit card and shipping info for quick entry when shopping.

Sprint’s HTC Evo goes on sale today

Sprint HTC EvoThe 1st WiMAX (802.16e 4G) Android device, the HTC Evo, goes on sale today on the Sprint Nextel network for $199 with a 2-yr contract. You can also purchase it from retailers Best Buy and Radio Shack.

The Evo has had a very positive reception since its unveiling in late March of this year. While the speed advantages are significant over current 3G networks (see video below), there is an additional cost of $10/month.  There is one additional benefit which AT&T and Apple have touted with their network and iPhones and that’s the ability to talk and use data services simultaneously. Expect this distinction to quickly fall away for Verizon and Sprint on their newer devices.

Sprint and HTC announce world’s 1st 4G smartphone, EVO 4G

sprint htc evo 4g smartphoneWe normally try to feature gadgets that are available right now, but this upcoming gizmo, a doozy of a smartphone is sure to make a huge impression this summer. It also helps makes the case for a Sprint that is not dead yet.

Sprint recently announced (at CTIA) its latest Android smartphone, the HTC EVO which also happens to be the world’s first 3G/4G phne. The EVO matches up really well with other Android stars – the Google-branded HTC Nexus One (on T-Mobile & others) and the Motorola Droid (on Verizon). Here’s a nice comparison of the 3.

Apart from its 4G cred, the EVO sports a 800×480 touchscreen with the Sense UI, 1GB of internal storage, an 8MP camera with video recording up to 1280×720, and get this, a front-facing camera. So now you can do some real video conferencing right from the palm of your hand.

The other noteworthy feature is the HDMI out connector. The EVO 4G is really being pushed as a video-savvy phone.

No word yet on pricing or exact availability, but you can be sure it’ll make a big splash. Pre-register for more info at

HTC’s 2nd handset running Android – the Magic

HTC announced a new handset, named Magic, that will run Google’s Android mobile OS, like the G1. Sorry Yanks, but the Magic will be sold by Vodafone in Spain, Germany, France and the UK, and in some other countries by other carriers.

Some quick stats – 3.2-inch touchscreen, GPS, Wi-Fi, HSPDA 3G connectivity, and a 3.2-megapixel camera, video recording capabilities for the camera and a soft, on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

HTC Touch Diamond Cell Phone to compete with iPhone

HTC announced the Touch Diamond yesterday in London and they’ve managed to pack even more features into a cell phone that many are already calling an iPhone-killer. At a minimum, it’s definitely a competitor.

The Diamond sports a 2.8″ VGA touch-screen running HTC’s own TouchFlo 3D interface and it promises some newer touch and gesture mechanism over the iPhone. A quadband phone, the Diamond is a smartphone with a slew of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, and HSDPA. It also shows off its auto-righting display technology so you can view pages in either landscape or portrait modes. I’m just touching on its many features too.

HTC Touch P3450 Black Smartphone (Unlocked)

HTC Touch P3450 Black Smartphone (Unlocked) The third and final product the Geeks will feature today is the HTC Touch. Here’s another smartphone that’s well, black and is controlled via touch. Perhaps that’s a theme for cell phones this year? Maybe… just maybe.

This featured phone is unlocked for use with your existing GSM, GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz or GSM 1900 MHz service provider and SIM card and includes a 2+ megapixel camera with video capture. The phone is described as a groundbreaking phone with a “new and unique way of controlling touch screen-based devices by recognising and responding to the sweep of a finger across the screen” featuring TouchFLO which was developed to simply sweep your finger up the display to launch an animated, three-dimensional interface comprising three screens: Contacts, Media and Applications. The new HTC-designed homescreen provides one-touch access to emails, text messages, calendar appointments and contacts, as well as current weather conditions and forecasts for hundreds of cities around the world.

Definitely a sweet phone that any Geek would enjoy.

Suggested Price: $499.99

HTC TyTN II Smartphone


We recently featured the HTC Advantage 7501 Smartphone/UMPC, but HTC is hardly a one-trick pony (ahem!), and one of their very latest products is the HTC TyTN II smartphone. Before we get into the slew of features, just take a look at how cool the screen tilts up towards you once you slide the full QWERTY keypad out. That’s wicked.

Now, let’s talk features. As the name suggests, the TyTN II is the sequel to the already cool TyTN. It’s thing is connectivity, and it has it all – HSDPA/UMTS, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. TyTN runs Windows Mobile 6, which I have to admit has gotten better over the years. So anyway, Win Mobile means you get Office Mobile apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and since you’ve got the slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, dealing with those types of productivity apps won’t be such a pain in the neck. It’ll be more about working than just reading on the 240×320 QVGA touch screen.

HTC Advantage 7501 SmartPhone/UMPC

HTC Advantage 7501

The HTC Advantage 7501 is the answer for those that want a smartphone that has a larger than average screen with a larger than average QWERTY keyboard. It’s smaller than a UMPC, but considerably larger than your typical handset, even the run of the mill smartphone, like a Blackberry, Treo or typical Win Mobile phone. Take a look at the pic to see what’s cool about the 7501 – the keyboard slides out at an angle to the screen so you can type normally while viewing the screen at a decent angle. Pretty cool.

The HTC Advantage is chock full of features: it sports an Intel PXA270 chip running at 624MHz with a separate ATI Graphics Chip; it runs Windows Mobile 6, and has both IE and Opera installed; 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, 8GB disk; a relatively large 5″ touchscreen TFT-LCD screen; HSDPA/UMTS/GSM/GPRS/EDGE Quad band capable; Bluetooth 2.0; WiFi 802.11b/g; USB 1.1; 3 megapixel camera with flash; speaker phone; GPS; miniSD slot and more.

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