In high-tech homes, the future is here

Science-fiction films depicting the imagined lives of people in the future have always fascinated us. We haven’t yet reached the stage of living with robots for hire, as in “I, Robot” (2004), but we can already get some help from a small robot that silently roams the house cleaning the floor.

We’re pretty close to cloning pets, although definitely not ready to be replaced by our own clone to complicate our life, as in “The Sixth Day” (2000), or to recycle our memories to live another life in the distant future, as in “Vanilla Sky” (2001). But South Korean technology clearly has reached the level where, as in a scene from “Total Recall” (1990), people can return to their homes to see computer control panels unfold on the living room wall. And the cool “stretch” phone sported by Keanu Reeves’ character Neo in “The Matrix” (2003) is here to stay.

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