Icuiti DV920 Digital Video Eyewear

Icuiti DV920 Digital Video Eyewear

Why squint to see all that great new portable video content — on iPod or A/V cell phones — on such puny little screens? Instead, enjoy your sports highlights or movies to the max on a virtual 42-inch LCD screen! With state-of-the-art Icuiti DV920 Digital Video Eyewear, you view video in a personal, private home theater with incredible image stability, clarity and true-color brilliance.

Icuiti DV920 Video Eyewear won a 2006 Consumer Electronics Show Design Award for forever changing when and where video can be experienced — at a price that is a fantastic value. The micro-LCDs feature 920,000 pixels with 640×480 resolution; computer games offer 1024×768 resolution. Each lens focuses independently from +2 to -6 diopters; if necessary, you can wear with your eyeglasses.

Unlike cumbersome competing systems, Eyewear is designed to be non-immersive — meaning you can still see the world around you when in use; this is important in public settings like a bar, lobby, office or airplane. You even can view confidential materials or check email privately in very public places.

The integrated hi-fi stereo earphones are adjustable and removable, too, if your prefer using your own favorite headphones with Eyewear. The system includes a small Controller that is plug-and-play ready with any video iPod, game console, DVD or VCR player, PC, laptop, video camera or A/V cell phone.

DV920 Video Eyewear is designed for super-comfortable long-term viewing, even of a full-length movie; we include three sizes of changeable nose pads for a custom fit. Your purchase includes a carry case, lens cloth and A/V cables. Plugs in with included AC adapter; or runs for up to three continuous hours on 2 AA batteries (included). Eyewear weighs a mere 3 1/2 oz. One-year warranty.

Price: $399.95
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