IBM to Release Continuous Backup Software

IBM is set to release a new piece of software called Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files that creates a local backup copy of files every time changes are made. This will be pretty cool for us sys admin types. IBM says that their software is unique b/c it does not require a dedicated server to monitor and store file changes. At $35 per machine, this is not a bad price-point considering the benefit. My only concern is that the software will attempt to backup that data to the central server whenever it’s on network – this could be a serious drain on bandwidth as well as local laptop resources. As it stands now, backups can suck up a lot of CPU and disk I/O.

IBM isn’t the only company working on this type of technology, named continuous data protection (CDP). Other companies include Storactive, Lasso Logic and storage giant Veritas who is currently testing out a product called Backup Exec “Panther”.