I Didn’t Want That TiVo Right Away Anyway

It looks like if you really want to get the latest TiVo sooner than later, you need to skip the source and go to a store. According to HDBeat, they ordered the TiVo Series3 DVR 15 minutes after the unveil last Tuesday with 1 day shipping. Unfortunately, it is now 1 week later and the shipping time has now extended to 5-7 days!

After day 3, a mass email went out to everyone that had ordered through the online TiVo store letting people know that the orders are delayed.

The Geeks think you should check the big name electronics store such as Best Buy, Circuit City or even Newegg if you want the machine rather than going through TiVo’s online store.

There is nothing worse than being an early adopter who cannot get your hands on the newest toy!

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