Hot Link Pro X12

Hot Link Pro X12

If your A/V equipment is housed behind an opaque cabinet door or in a closet, infrared remote control signals will not be able to reach it. However, if you don’t like the messy appearance of stacks of components, leaving the cabinet open isn’t a viable option. Luckily, the Hot Linkâ„¢ Pro solves this problem by routing your remote control’s IR signals into the closed cabinet or closet, allowing you to keep up to 12 audio and video components out of sight. The high sensitivity of the Hot Link Pro receiver can also extend the range of your remotes up to 65 feet.

Hot Link Pro sees the signals from your remote control through a highly sensitive electronic eye and then sends these signals to 12 separate audio and video components. There are no complex hookups, nothing attaches to your remote, and there are no batteries to replace. Simply attach the individual emitters to your equipment and place the Hot Link Pro eye receiver almost anywhere on your cabinet, in a door slot, behind a speaker grille or even behind the cabinet.

Hot Link Pro’s IR receiver gives you even more flexibility than previous models with its new slimline design, a side sensor, and a 3-foot cable running from the sensor to the repeater box. The Hot Link Pro also features a “Talk-Back” LED that blinks to confirm receipt of IR commands.

The Hot Link Pro amplifies IR beams from almost all remote controls. The unit includes 12 emitters attached to a 7-foot ribbon cable that can be easily split for running emitters to different components. A 120-volt AC adapter is included.

If you only need to hook up six components, check out our review of the Hot Link Pro.

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