Home Theater Master Color Touchscreen Remote MX-3000

Home Theater Master Color Touchscreen Remote MX-3000

The Universal Remote Control design team set two goals when creating the MX-3000: to improve the elegance and usability of the touch screen through the physical design; and, reduce your time navigating through the touch screens to get what you want. They delivered on both of these and so much more!

Maximize Screen Readability and Easy Operation

By orienting the screen horizontally, the MX-3000 offers the largest possible usable screen area for your labels. Since labels are read from left to right or horizontally, much of the advantage of touch screen custom labeling is lost in vertical designs. By assigning the important operational buttons to the natural resting place of your thumbs, the MX-3000 achieves a new standard in use and comfort.

Physical Ergonomics

For an end user who surfs or loves to make fine adjustments to the home theater, the touch screen is constantly in their hands. The most important refinement is the use of advanced technology and materials to make the touch screen as light in weight as possible. Through the use of lithium ion battery technology and other innovations, the weight of the touch screen has been reduced to less than 11 ounces.

Automatic Backlighting

The integral motion sensor detects any movement of the touch screen and automatically backlights the screen. Any movement of the MX-3000 renews the backlighting. Without movement, the touch screen stays lit for 1 to 99 seconds (programmed by the installer). Utilizing the latest CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology, the screen is vividly illuminated in a dark room and perfectly readable outdoors.

Animated in 65,535 Colors

Powered by a 206MHz RISC microprocessor, the MX-3000 offers installers the first touch screen designed for animation. The 3.8″ screen offers a 240×320 pixel window to any graphic you care to provide. You can place BMP’s, JPEG’s, GIF’s or animated GIF’s on any button.

The World of Sound

Equipped with a speaker and any PC recording, you can add talking help buttons (recorded on any PC with a microphone) or music to your macros via any WAV file.

Eliminate Plasma TV Interference Without Expensive “Plasma-Proof” IR Sensors

Because the MX-3000 can issue both line-of-sight IR and omni directional RF, plasma television sets can be controlled directly via IR, while out of sight A/V components are controlled via RF without the need for any IR repeater installation. Whether equipment is behind closed doors, inside cabinets, in other rooms of the house or even outdoors, the MX-3000 will send the necessary commands without pointing the remote controller at any A/V components.

Powerful Macros With Sounds, Text Changes, Multiple Page Jumps, Variables, Press Times, Delays and IR Commands

The MX-3000 supports unprecedented macro flexibility and power. Utilizing a spreadsheet style of action list, the installer can program macros with much more flexibility than any past touch screen program. Each row in the spreadsheet represents a macro step, but now you can program several functions to occur at the same time. Thus a command can be issued, a sound played, a message displayed on the button and a variable can be set all at once.

IR Code Editing

Extensive editing of learned and database codes is possible. Now, projectors that require a sustained burst of 4 to 5 seconds can be automated, since the software enables you to edit the time the code is sent during a macro. Carrier frequency, single code repeats and labels can be saved.

Use Variables For Personalization of Macros Macros can set up to 255 custom variables. By creating variables for each of your users, you can program macros that perform different steps for different users.

Import CCF and other Tools For Professional Installers

During programming, you can call on a number of powerful tools to ease the process. Import ccf configurations, open galleries of button art or pre-recorded sounds. An emulator of the remote control itself enables you to quickly check navigation and button art in use. Timers and clocks can be added to any button for display or automation.

Unprecedented Control of Text, Graphics and Animation

With the MX-3000, you can instantly set the parameters of any buttons text and graphics (Please see side image for software screen shot). You can select fonts, styles, and colors for your text and align multiple lines of text on one button if you like. Button art can be automatically inverted after a press or swapped out for an alternate image. Animated GIF files can be looped or run once at your discretion. Universal Remote product no. MX-3000. One year limited warranty.

Price: $999.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)