Home Automation

Yahoo has “Tech Tuesday” and this past week’s article dealt with Home Automation which is near and dear to my heart! Here’s a sample of the article:

Joel Durham Jr. – ExtremeTech

The PC-controlled digital home is gradually becoming a reality. While we’re still a long way from living like the Jetsons, with robot maids and dishwashers that verbally demand a particular type of detergent, we have the capacity to automate and secure many aspects of our homes using personal computers.

For instance, with a simple program and a number of specialized controllers, you can control the lights throughout your entire house from one computer. You can tell the coffee maker when to turn on and the toaster when not to. You can also keep an eye out for motion around the house with PC-controlled motion detectors, and keep an eye on who is where, and who isn’t where they should be, with cameras that report to your computer.

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