Heads Up Display via ‘Bionic’ Contact Lenses

Cool. That pretty much sums up how amazing this new potential technology sounds. Researchers at the University of Washington have demonstrated how using microscopic scale manufacturing techniques, they were able to create a contact lens with a electronic circuit, as well as lights.

This is yet another one of those advances that is predicted by art in television/movies/comics/novels before making a ‘real’ entrance. With nanotechnology continuing to make strides, this shouldn’t be a surprise, but placing a device like this in such a sensitive part of the body takes another important step.

Now think about the possibilities for this technology. No large pieces of headgear resting on your head and around you eyes; HUDs would be as simple as inserting some lenses. If (and when) they embed wireless capabilities into them, you could access up to date information without having to look at another device. Just look straight ahead.

Or how about adaptively adjusting the strength of your lens, or clearing up the image and getting rid of discolorations or debris in what you see? Of course, I can’t wait to get bionic eye spam!

And you thought driving while talking on your cell phone was bad… just wait.