Harvard Medical CIO’s favorite (and mostly useless) gadget

John Halamka, M.D invasively RFID'edJohn Halamka, M.D of Harvard, who has an implanted VeriChip, talks to Forbes:

Why I love it: I’m a mountain and ice climber, often hanging from rock and ice thousands of feet off the ground. My identity and medical information will be retrievable by any physician via my RFID chip, regardless of my ability to respond.

What I’d change about it:
I’d like the ability to add and revise data on it.

Wow. Now we find out that one can not even change the data on the chip! As the patient’s medical history changes (or last name, or address), wouldn’t the old data be obsolete? In any case, would you want to be invasively RFID’ed in your triceps?