Hannspree Red Apple 10-Inch LCD TV

Hannspree Red Apple 10-Inch LCD TV

I don’t know if I want to eat or watch this LCD TV by Hannspree. Hannspree makes theme-based “360 degree” designs including this yummy looking Apple TV. Some other available designs include a baseball, soccer ball and a cinderella coach all housing 10 inch LCD TVs.

Hannspree earned the distinction of being an entry in Time Magazine’s “Tech Buyer’s Guide 2005 – Gadget Mania” which features some of the year’s most innovative products.

Conventional flat-panel televisions have limited placement options — only the front is presentable! In delightful contrast, Hannspree TVs are multidimensional 360° works of art, with close attention paid to the design aesthetics of every perspective — front, back and sides. They are impressive showpieces — even in the middle of a room — and are ideal for an office, bedroom, kitchen, home office or kids’ room. Superior design and workmanship earned Hannspree TVs a place in Time Magazine’s “Tech Buyer’s Guide 2005 — Gadget Mania,” highlighting the year’s most innovative products.

Hannspree TVs boast state-of-the-art engineering and technology for a best-in-class viewing experience. Features a 10-inch (diagonal) flatscreen Liquid Crystal Display with brilliant, accurate color reproduction and exceptional clarity and contrast — even in low-light conditions. The LCD has a 4:3 aspect ratio; 800×600 SVGA resolution; 450:1 contrast ratio; and uncompromised viewing angles of 110° (V) and 130° (H).

Easy-access controls and A/V jacks are in front; TV includes a wireless full-function remote; and cables are neatly managed in the back. The LCD screen is highly scratch resistant. Top-quality materials are used throughout, with exceptional fit and finish. Glossy bright apple-red doors open to reveal the apple-white interior with the LCD TV screen and a speaker on each door. Stands 14″ tall x 17″ x 5½” (closed) and weighs 7 lbs. Remote runs on 2 AA batteries (included). Plugs into a standard outlet with an included AC adapter. One-year warranty.

Price: $399.95
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