Griffin iBeam Flashlight and Laser Pointer for iPod

Griffin iBeam Flashlight and Laser Pointer for iPod

While your iPod won’t start washing your dishes anytime soon, Griffin is committed to making sure it does just about everything else. The iBeam is the latest manifestation of this effort, turning your iPod into a combination flashlight/laser pointer, which is a handy combo for people who take their iPods everywhere. The package actually consists of two different attachments, both of which fit into an iPod’s headphone and remote ports (they only work with docking models, including the iPod mini). Griffin recommends using the iBeam flashlight to find keys in the dark or to locate a keyhole when the porch light is off, while the laser pointer makes a good business aid during presentations. The accessories are compact and smooth, with shapes that seamlessly complement the iPod’s contemporary design.

Both the flashlight and the laser pointer are easy to use–simply snap on and point. They’re also free of buttons and switches, turning on when connected and turning off when removed. And because they draw their power from the iPod itself, users don’t need to worry about batteries.

We tested the flashlight attachment first, and it performed nicely. It emits a moderate amount of light with a relatively soft, wide beam. The beam certainly wouldn’t make it as a camping flashlight, as it’s too diffused to light a clear path, but it’s more than adequate as a keychain-type light. iPod owners will find it particularly effective when they need to examine items in poorly lit rooms, such as the words written above the buttons on stereo components.

The laser pointer attachment, which is equipped with a class IIIa laser, works even better. Whether you’re using it to enhance a PowerPoint performance or merely entertain your restless kitties, the bright red laser shows no signs of dimming. Both iBeam accessories also include snap-on caps with small holes for attaching to a keychain. This is a nice touch, as it would be easy to lose the iBeam items otherwise.

Price: $11.99
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