GM’s Chevy Volt looks to be an evolution of the Prius

The Prius and other hybrids are just that – hybrids that use both electric and gasoline to greatly improve gas mileage. That means it uses gas to run as well. The Chevrolet Volt is a hybrid too, but a different one. It’s a Series Hybrid.

While it also has a gasoline engine, that’s only called upon when it needs to recharge the battery, which means the electric battery is what’s doing the powering most of the time. A single charge can get you 40 miles.

Well that’s the theory anyway. The gas engine is only a little 134HP one, but it should be enough to do the job. Certainly, the Volt will be a relatively very clean auto.

The Volt has incorporated a lot of technology, and lessons learned from the EV1 that was unceremoniously nixed over a decade ago. Let’s hope one of the lessons learned is to stick with this one.

via Wired

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