GIGABYTE GT-U8000-RH Digital TV Tuner

GIGABYTE GT-U8000-RH Digital TV Tuner The TweakTown Team reviewed the GIGABYTE GT-U8000-RH Digital TV Tuner recently and gave the product high marks.

“This is a Hybrid tuner, which means that it can tune in both analogue and digital DVB-T TV programs. GIGABYTE also has a digital only version, the U7000, which is a physically smaller model. Both models are based on a Dibcom chipset and if this doesn’t say anything to you, then what you should know is that this is one of the best DVB-T chipsets on the market for PC applications.

It allows for the device that’s it’s based on to be used on the move, in fact it should work in speeds up to 100km/h (or a little over 60miles/h), so you could in reality use this in your car or onboard most trains which is connected to whatever mobile device you are using that includes a USB port and supported operating system (Windows XP and Vista – both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).”

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