Gefen Component Video Extender For HD Video Up To 300-Feet

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – Expanding its growing base of analog and digital video extension solutions, Gefen announced the availability of its new Component Video Extender, providing a powerful and affordable alternative to HDTV accessibility.

The system enables DVD players, satellite television set-top boxes or any video device equipped with RGB connectors to be extended up to 300 feet from the display over a single CAT-5 cable.

HD video may be viewed at up to 1080p resolutions, allowing modern and legacy equipment to support the pristine delivery of HD video even when extended hundreds of feet.

System hardware includes tiny sender and receiver units, both small enough to be tucked away inconspicuously behind the scenes. Both units are painted black to blend with system aesthetics and run on a single power supply (included).

Sender and receiver come equipped with VGA and CAT-5 ports; a six-foot high quality VGA to RGB cable is included for component connection.

Installation is plug and play, requiring a simple connection of the system to the video source and the extended display that anyone can easily implement.

Additional information on Gefen’s Component Video Extender (MSRP $299) may be found at: