Geekfoolery Suggests New IM Acronym

Mr. Alex at Geekfoolery wants to restore confidence and credibility to IMing by proposing a more accurate acronym than LOL… the new acronym is “BNS”. Read more to learn what “BNS” stands for, but here’s a snippet of the article:

Check this out: According to recent survey of instant message traffic, 38% of all messages sent via instant message consist entirely of the abbreviation “LOL.”

Of course, we all know that LOL stands for “laughing out loud.” Instant messengers can indicate more boisterous responses with ROFL and ROFLMAO. And given how often these acronyms are used, it would seem that instant messaging with friends is a non-stop laugh riot. I imagine people sitting at their computers, convulsed in hilarity, cheeks sore, tears streaming down their faces, waiting for the next “ur such a t001″ to escalate the level of amusement to the point where the unchecked howls of glee actually hinder motor coordination to the point where one actually falls out of one’s chair.