Geek For Sale

Geek wants a job

Are you looking for a geek to fill a position in IT? The Chief Gizmateer from Gizmos for Geeks is available in and around the Atlanta area for full-time work.

Besides creating powerpoints full of IT metrics, InfoSec proposals and budgets in the moonlight, the Gizmateer enjoys long walks to the datacenter to fix various system, network and security issues that arise. After a long days work, the Geek enjoys settling down with a laptop and a quick connection for the occasional penetration test or security audit.

His favorite animals include a happy-go-lucky and pudgy penguin and a fox with fur full of fire. Currently seeking help for a mad gadget habit.

If you’d like to adopt this geek, check out Geek 4 Sale. Also, if you’d like to be a future featured geek (say that ten times really fast), submit your information on the site including a resume and short description of your skills.