Geek 4 Sale – Brian D. Handspicker

Geek 4 Sale has been added to our network of sites and been re-released with our first “Geek of the Week”. This is “the Geeks” way of helping other geeks so all the geeks of the world can unite and fulfill the old adage that “the Geek shall inherit the earth”!

Brian D. Handspicker has been selected as our first Geek.

Think of this site as the “woot” for buying geeks so come early to grab your geek!

By the way, we are currently “auditioning” geeks to be featured on the Geek 4 Sale site. So if you are a contractor or are a geek on the prowl for a new gig, send us an email with your resume and a write-up for the site to [email protected]. By the way, if you want to be anonymous, please let us know and we will accomodate!

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