Gadget runs Full Body Diagnostics

BY RICHARD SEVEN, The Seattle Times

Ever get the feeling your body isn’t quite up for today’s scheduled workout? I feel that way almost daily now. But you must also have those days when you feel more capable than what your training regimen calls for. I get that once in a blue moon. So when I learned of a high-tech gadget that claims to give athletes an inside peek into when the body is primed for action or in need of rest, I jumped at the chance. The device, OmegaWave, tests your physiological systems in just a few minutes while you’re resting on your back. No treadmill tests or blood draws. Just metal clamps on ankles and wrists, and a few electrodes fastened to your chest. The test measures the functioning of the central nervous system, as well as cardiopulmonary, hormonal and detoxification systems. It monitors heart rates and slow brain waves and produces personal data in the form of graphs, charts and advice. Essentially, the process is like the diagnostic systems check mechanics would perform on your car’s engine to make sure it’s running smoothly.

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