Gadget Freak of The Year

Design News readers selected Jerry Baumeister as Gadget Freak extraordinaire for the model rock altimeter he designed

Chuck Mackey, Senior Art Director
Design News
April 4, 2005

A peek behind the scenes to show you how a Gadget Freak is created

There may be some argument as to whether Gadget Freaks are born or created. But either way, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes here at Design News to produce the Gadget Freak page for every issue.

After selecting a Gadget Freak candidate for an upcoming issue, Chief Editor Karen Field and I get together to discuss the invention and brainstorm ideas. In the case of Jerry Baumeister, we wanted an image that would convey his love of flying and a sense of his invention—a model rocket altimeter. Our ideal was to show Jerry flying through the air.

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