Friendly Robotics RL1000 RoboMower Mower and Docking Station

Friendly Robotics RL1000 RoboMower Mower and Docking Station

Who said lawn work can’t be geeky?

The Geeks at GfG have found that we can make just about anything geeky and with the help of the Friendly Robotics guys, cutting the lawn can become a study in how to turn something utterly manly into a sweatless and time saving geek activity.

If it’s anything like the Roomba, you’ll waste the time you save by not cutting the grass by watching the grass be cut by the Robomower (with Docking Station!).

Designed to tackle lawns as big as 16,000 square feet, this RoboMower automated lawn mower can cut the grass while you catch some rays on the deck. The mower comes complete with a docking station, and can be either programmed like an alarm clock, so that it automatically starts mowing at pre-set times, or run using a manual controller. Its patented Triple-Chamber Mulching System eliminates the need to collect clippings, while a disabling mechanism with a personal password deters thieves.

Measuring 35 by 26 by 12-1/2 inches, the mower weighs 50 pounds and has a 5-1/2-horsepower engine with a blade speed of 5,800 rpm. Other features include touch-sensitive bumpers, a child guard, a lift sensor, and a buzzer that sounds five minutes prior to automatic departure, warning people to clear the mowing area.

Price: $1599.00
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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