FreeLinc Debuts World’s First Magnetically-Based Wireless Accessories for Two-Way Radios

Salt Lake City, UT – April 4, 2005 – FreeLinc and Aura Communications (Wilimington, MA) are scheduled to introduce the world’s first line of wireless accessory products for two-way radio communications at the IWCE Expo (Las Vegas) next week. Users of two-way radios will now be able to ‘cut-the-cord’ and enjoy untethered communications through FreeLinc’s family of products. These products include wireless headsets and wireless speaker microphones – all of which are based on Aura Communications unique and patented LibertyLink magnetic induction technology.

Aura’s technology allows for secure wireless communications that are immune to interference from Bluetoothâ„¢ or WiFi devices, making FreeLinc’s new product line ideally suited to the specific needs of the two-way radio market. The new products will be featured at FreeLinc’s booth #14004 during the IWCE 2005 Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 6-8, 2005.

“FreeLinc is a pioneer in this market niche,” said Tony Sutera, FreeLinc’s chief executive officer. “Our patent pending technology is the first of its kind and will greatly benefit users of two-way radios through greater freedom of movement, ease of use and increased safety. Many of our products will also feature Voice Operated Transmission (VOX) which will allow unprecedented hands-free communication in the push-to-talk radio world.”

FreeLinc has partnered with Aura Communications to utilize the company’s LibertyLink near field magnetic communication technology. Unlike Bluetooth and other traditional radio frequency technologies, LibertyLink enables a secure, reliable and easy to use wireless accessory solution for two way radio applications.

“The LibertyLink technology is ideally suited for headsets that operate with any mobile electronic device such as MP3 players, portable DVD players and two-way radios,” said Kenneth Kokinakis, Aura’s president and chief executive officer. “Our technology is poised to become the de-facto standard for short range wireless communication that requires low power transmission of streaming audio, voice and data.”

FreeLinc will first be offering the FreeMotion 200, which is a lightweight, durable earpiece that contains a speaker, a boom microphone and both push-to-talk and VOX features. The FreeMotion 200 will be available in July 2005. This flagship product will quickly be followed up by the FreeMic 200, a wireless lapel speaker microphone, and the FreeRange 200, a dual ear-muff headset, both to be available in Fall 2005. Please visit the company’s website at to learn more about these exciting new products.

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