Burlingame, California – January 23, 2006– FotoNation Inc. (, one of the world’s leading imaging and connectivity solutions companies for the digital photography industry, announced today the availability of the new PTP-IP Analyzer.

PTP-IP Analyzer is a software suite that tests and analyses firmware in digital imaging devices to the most rigorous and exhaustive extremes, ensuring that the embedded firmware is totally ready for market and operates in complete conformity to CIPA PTP-IP, the communications protocol connecting digital cameras to other devices, such as TVs, PCs, mobile phones, printers, in-store kiosks and other cameras. The verification is carried out automatically, flagging any deviations from the standard, with a minimum amount of development time and cost.

The success of any new digital imaging product is dependent on the reputation it earns for performance and reliability under the most exacting conditions of real-world usage. If problems only come to light when a product reaches market, the resulting fallout can be devastating for the reputation of the product and company. The FotoNation PTP-IP Analyzer avoids these problems by complying to the PTP-IP standard, ensuring that reliable products are quickly brought to market.

PTP-IP Standard for Wireless Connectivity

FotoNation is the developer of the PTP standard and led CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) in the standardization of PTP-IP, a protocol that allows FotoNation’s PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) and PictBridge (camera to printer connectivity) to transfer images and other digital media content across TCP/IP and WiFi networks between digital imaging devices and services. PTP-IP (CIPA-005/2005) is copyrighted by FotoNation and available for all companies. Products complying to the PTP-IP standard were first introduced in October 2005.

With PTP-IP, usage is not limited to direct connections between a digital camera and a computer or a printer; applications to multiple devices connected on a network are also expected. Adopting the PTP-IP standard will allow companies to further promote new applications of digital cameras and other digital imaging devices.

“We have bestowed our intricate hands-on experience in developing PTP-IP solutions into FotoNation PTP-IP Analyzer,�? said FotoNation CEO, Eran Steinberg. “This tool was architectured with imaging-device developers in mind, to assist them in speeding up their PTP-IP standard conformity process considerably, ensuring that reliable products are brought to market more quickly and with lower development costs.�?

In its statement announcing the CIPA-005 standard, CIPA said, “Adopting the PTP-IP standard will allow companies to further promote new applications for digital cameras and other digital imaging devices.�? Utilization of the PTP-IP Analyser will encourage the development and ensure interoperability between PTP-IP devices.

The FotoNation PTP-IP Analyzer is available immediately. A white paper describing the FotoNation PTP-IP Analyzer in more detail is available online at: For information on the CIPA standardization of PTP-IP, see:

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About FotoNation

Innovative imaging is FotoNation’s business.

FotoNation identifies current challenges and future opportunities in digital photography and imaging. Using its extensive industry experience and in-depth research capabilities, together with revolutionary approaches, FotoNation develops innovative solutions, techniques and features to enhance, extend and simplify the picture making and sharing experience for everyone. Clients include the world leaders in photography, including AOL, Kodak, Nikon, Pentax, Sanyo, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and Microsoft, among others.

FotoNation’s extensive portfolio of patented innovations includes wireless connectivity, embedded red-eye removal technology and face recognition software. Its copyrighted PTP-IP Specification is the basis of the international camera connectivity CIPA-005/2005 standard .

FotoNation was the first in the world to develop a wireless printing accessory that converts any PictBridge printer into a wireless one. The company was recently nominated as Finalist for the 2006 European IST Grand Prize for its innovative Red Eye removal technology.

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