Favorite Wireless Hangout?

Where’s your favorite wireless hangout?

Starbucks Personally, my favorite hangout is at home because I get to compute without pants but if I’m out I tend to hang sipping my mocha with others at a Starbucks or Panera Bread. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Panera Bread near my house but I was so happy to see the latest Starbucks open up a month or so ago a whole half mile closer than the other one near my house but was surprised to find out the new one didn’t have wireless yet!

A Starbucks without wireless? That’s almost un-American! Well, it turns out 3 out of 4 Starbucks near me don’t have wireless and that makes an unhappy geek. With that said, I’ve heard rumor of a large home improvement store in the Austin area testing free wi-fi in their stores. As a wannabe home improvement geek, I’m all of a sudden happy again.

So… where’s your favorite wireless hangout?