eStarling E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame

eStarling E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame Obviously printed photos are so last-decade. Digital photo frames allow us to go directly from shooting to displaying our photos with no messy meatspace-based printed version needed. The eStarling 2.0 Wi-Fi Photo Frame takes this concept to the next level by connecting to your local Wi-Fi network and allowing you to send photos to it via e-mail or RSS photo feed.

With full web-based access you can control exactly the photos you want on your eStarling frame at any time from anywhere in the word. E-mail photos as .jpg attachments and they appear on your frame. Choose a Flickr photo feed with the keyword “cool japanese robots” and soon your frame will be scrolling through nifty shots of highly desirable bots you will never get your hands on. New Photobucket integration allows you to add photos into rotation on your eStarling frame directly from the Photobucket website. You can of course send photos while on the go from your mobile phone, while your pets watch your exciting antics remotely on the eStarling. Hand the eStarling Photo Frame over to a non-technical relative (Who has Wi-Fi in their house of course. What… they don’t? You’re a geek. Set it up!) and rule with an iron-fist over exactly what photos your Grannie views.


Suggested Price: $149.99-$269.99

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