Entempo Rubato 20GB MP3/FM Tuner/Voice Recorder HDD Jukebox

 Entempo Rubato 20GB MP3/FM Tuner/Voice Recorder HDD Jukebox

A 20GB MP3/FM Tune/Voice Recorder HDD Jukebox for $129.00 (including special savings code of “Rubato” if used by 9/23/2005)! Then interface and screen like fairly groovy, but the price is definitely right for a gizmo like this.

With 20GB of storage you can store a good portion of your MP3 collection (or half of mine!) and the 20GB hard drive can be used as portable storage as well. In addition to the storage size, this MP3 player features a FM tuner, voice recording and ShoX hard drive protection system.

Carry your entire music collection wherever you go! Whether you download music, rip from CDs, or use other mediums, this Entempo Rubato Universal Music Player is the easiest way to make your music truly mobile. With features such as FM tuner, Voice recording, ShoX Hard Drive Protection System, and easy to use controls, this Entempo Rubato is a device for the beginner or advanced user. The Rubato has a 20 GB hard drive which can be used as a removable drive, and its built-in microphone is great for voice recording! Take your music on the Go with this Entempo Rubato Hard Drive Jukebox!

Price: $149.00
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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