emWave Biofeedback Stress Reliever

emWave Biofeedback Stress Reliever

Your heart is thumping like a four-year-old with a wooden spoon and an upturned pot. The blood is rushing in your ears, and your blood pressure is higher than it’s ever been. No, it’s not sexy-time. Unfortunately, you’re at work, under stress, and making mistakes.

Some people thrive under stress, but the damage to your system can be considerable – even life-threatening. You’ve got to chill out, but simple deep-breathing may not be enough. You’ve got to enter a state scientists call ‘coherence’ – the state where your nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are all working in harmony.

This touchy-feely stuff may sound like hokum, but it really works. Using the emWave can teach you to find a state in which you’ll have increased energy, greater mental clarity, enhanced emotional balance, and improved listening ability. On top of it all, you’ll sleep much better. Bonus!

So, chill out, put your thumb on the red-sensor, and watch the blinking lights. They’ll tell you if what you’re doing is helping, or hurting. Be cool like a cucumber, man, and get your head back together. Done? Okay, then get freakin’ back to work.

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