Elk Emergency Water Shutoff Valve

Elk Water Shutoff Valve

Face it – leaks happen. Worse yet, busted pipes happen too. And of course, Murphy’s Law says they’ll probably happen in the middle of the night! The Elk Water Shutoff Valve mitigates this by detecting and shutting off the water main in less than 4 seconds. In a nutshell, you would connect the Elk valve to your home automation controller, and placing a water sensor in high-risk locations like under your washing machine, water heater, or bathroom floor.

You will need a water sensor to tell your home automation system if there’s water leaking. The Elk water shutoff valve is a full-port, 2-way ball valve with a 1-inch bore, and it is made of 316 stainless steel and is safe for drinking water. he motorized actuator has a permanently lubricated gear drive with sufficient torque to open or close the valve under high pressure or after long periods of inactivity. This valve is built with commercial-grade seats and seals for a long service life.


  • Rapid action – opening or closing
  • Integrates with security or automation controllers
  • Can be connected to wireless receivers or pushbuttons

Price: $428.99
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