Dragan Flyer V – Remote Control Aircraft

Dragan Flyer V - Remote Control Aircraft

This is a way cool remote controlled helicopter-like flyer. The Draganflyer V utilizes seven electronic sensors and Thermal Intelligence to make outdoor flying a breeze. Simply returning the controls to neutral will restore the helicopter to a hover within half a second. If the transmitter signal is lost or the battery needs charging, it will safely descend until it lands.

The Draganflyer V Ti R/C Helicopter is small and agile at just 30 inches in diameter. This compact flying-masterpiece lifts off effortlessly with its ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber body and stylish lines. Unlike gas-powered or other electric radio-controlled helicopters that are complicated and difficult to fly, ours has been designed for beginners. This R/C helicopter uses a heading-lock yaw gyro which helps simplify flight in all conditions. The Draganflyer V Ti gives you complete control over yaw, pitch, and roll – full aerial maneuverability – using a patented control board that is so elegant it uses 95% fewer parts than conventional helicopters. The Draganflyer V Ti comes as a complete package requiring a simple, quick, and straightforward assembly of only 30 minutes.

No previous R/C experience? No problem. If you lose orientation while flying the Draganflyer V Ti outdoors, simply release the right stick and its infrared stabilizers will automatically restore a stable hover with half a second! Thermal Intelligence eliminates most of the dangers and provides both safety and fun while training and flying. If you run low on batteries, the innovative electronic control system prevents battery over-discharge by limiting available power. Lose transmitter signal? It will descend safely and autonomously outdoors. Incorporated into each Draganflyer V Ti’s patented control board are four infrared heat sensors and three state-of-the-art piezo gyros which provide automatic self-leveling for an effortless outdoor piloting experience. Sound incredible? It is.

Is it fragile? Hardly. The Draganfly V Ti’s durability is unmatched by conventional helicopters. The Draganfly’s body is virtually indestructible due to its tough carbon-fiber and high-impact nylon construction. We also use thermal plastic rotors that are efficient, safe and inexpensive to replace. We have crashed gas helicopters causing over $400 in damage. This is not uncommon. If you are thinking of buying a gas helicopter or a different electric helicopter, consider the Draganflyer V Ti. The Draganflyer’s sophisticated control board, its minimal number of parts, and lessened repair costs ensure a heavier wallet and a happier R/C helicopter pilot.

The Draganflyer has been featured on “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,” Space Channel, Apple.com, Tech TV, and New York Times. NASA has, along with many universities worldwide, even purchased this helicopter for research. CNN Headline News, the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and MSNBC were all amazed by the Draganflyer’s aerial camera abilities. Its combination of quality, agility, and elegant usability make the Draganflyer a news-worthy product.

The possibilities are endless with a video camera attached to one of the world’s most innovative flying machines. Try the 2.4GHz Eyecam color video camera that mounts to the frame of the Draganflyer and videotape real estate, promotional videos, or hard to reach locations to make money on the side!

Price: $849.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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