DoubleSight Dual 15″ LCD Display

DoubleSight Dual 15

The new DoubleSight dual LCD monitor is an attractive, cost effective alternative to large CRT monitors that consume a lot of physical desktop space or expensive LCD monitors. DoubleSight harnesses your information and computing power utilizing a unique approach to the multiple monitor feature to enhance the user’s viewing and productivity experience. By connecting two 15 or 17 inch LCD monitor panels side-by-side using a single base stand, DoubleSight provides large monitor real estate in a small footprint at a very affordable cost.

DoubleSight provides an economic, easy-to-use technique for seamlessly displaying as much data as a single 20-inch LCD monitor. Users have an instantly clear view of their programs instead of time-consuming switching between programs or document windows with overly crowded desktop space and limited viewing. By performing fast reactions to multiple information sources, DoubleSight users can experience significant productivity increases ranging from approximately 20 to 50 percent by easily managing their multiple programs simultaneously. Unlike large-screen monitors that often sacrifice legibility to offer more desktop space under a high resolution, the DoubleSight dual LCD monitor can effectively provide large desktop space in a legible format.

DoubleSight’s patent-pending “Intelligent Multi-screen Control Mechanism” technology and industrial design employ a single controlling motherboard that seamlessly manages and adjusts the display of multi-screen monitors. By distributing or replicating signals to both display panels, users have the ability to display a different window on each monitor panel at the same time, or stretch Excel spreadsheets across two monitors so they can see more columns without scrolling. While using one monitor to do research on the Web, users can summarize their data in a Word document on the other monitor panel. DoubleSight’s one-stop access for controlling dual displays also includes intuitive menu-driven on-screen display controls for selecting how the user wants to set up each LCD panel.

DoubleSight combines a stylish appearance with a unique, light yet sturdy design that requires a minimum of desk space. Depending on the users’ choice, DoubleSight can be easily installed on a desk or wall-mounted due to its simplified, slim flat design. DoubleSight’s ergonomic efficiency improves the user’s natural perception and ability to multitask by employing a primary “focal point” screen as well as a second screen for supporting peripheral vision.

Price: $799.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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