Dimmer Switch INSTEON Starter Kit

Dimmer Switch INSTEON Starter Kit

Start your next generation home automation network off with this starter kit from Smarthome using INSTEON technology. You can test out how the powerline and RF true mesh network works in your house as everything you need to setup the network is included in this kit including a stylish Dimmer Switch making any light controllable using the INSTEON network.

This starter kit includes two SignaLinc RFs, the most important part of the INSTEON network. Installing two SignaLinc RFs creates your INSTEON network, and adding additional SignaLinc RFs will improve INSTEON signal strength and network coverage throughout your home.

The ControLinc V2 tabletop controller can be set up in less than five minutes to control the two included SwitchLinc V2 Dimmers remotely using a simple “Plug and Tapâ„¢” setup process. Additional SwitchLinc V2 Dimmers can be purchased separately to create more advanced lighting scenes. Each of the five ON/OFF buttons on the ControLinc V2 can be set up to control one light or every light in the home remotely to create dramatic lighting scenes. Additional Table Top Controllers (ControLinc) can be purchased separately to add remote control to other rooms. As an example, adding a ControLinc on your bedside table would allow the remote control of downstairs lamps in the middle of the night if you hear a noise.

The SwitchLinc V2 Dimmers are full-featured dimmers and can control lights up to 600 watts. Make your home the envy of your friends and neighbors with the sophistication and elegance of the SwitchLinc Dimmer – the ultimate INSTEON-compatible dimmer. SwitchLinc Dimmers fill your entire home with personalized mood lighting for any occasion. You’ll always know how much more your lights can be dimmed or brightened thanks to an exclusive LED light bar that you can see at a glance.

The ControLinc and SwitchLinc also work with legacy X10 products. The SwitchLinc and any of the 5 ON/OFF buttons on the ControLinc can be given an X10 address, providing a bridge between an existing X10 network and your new INSTEON network.

Price: $129.99
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