Digital Drivers: Home Smart Home

Smarthome’s Ken Fairbanks strives to share the intelligence

By Scott Campbell – Digital Connect

Ken Fairbanks has so much faith in the power of home automation, the director of business development at Smarthome pestered one of his neighbors until they finally agreed to install lighting control in their remodeled home.

“I really badgered them,” Fairbanks laughs. “But you know what? They love it. Now it’s the first thing they show to people.”

The lighting and climate control market has reached a crossroads where new technology meets affordable products to drive more sales to residential and commercial customers, Fairbanks says. And he wants more integrators to spread the gospel. The Irvine, Calif., company is recruiting custom installers of lighting and temperature control solutions, but it also wants to reach integrators specializing in other areas of home integration. “We are creating a new market, but you can’t do that one neighbor at a time,” he says.

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