Dell 19″ LCD TV/Monitor

Dell 19

We know what you’re thinking. Why would I get just a 19″ TV? If I’m getting a TV, I definitely want a big-screen. Sure, but what if you think of this as a computer monitor that doubles as a TV? Think about it… You set this beauty up in your office and when you want a break away from the kids, the house ‘noise’ and work, you fire up the TV!

The Dell W1900 LCD TV integrates a traditional flat panel monitor and a television tuner into one device. With a high resolution of up to 1280×768 pixels, this LCD TV is optimized for both TV and DVD viewing, today’s standard TV signals, and tomorrow’s high definition broadcast standards. With 600:1 contrast ratio and DCDIâ„¢ by Faroudja video processing technology, it delivers crisp, clear images with fast-paced action video. It also provides full picture-in-picture capabilities, so you can work on your PC and watch TV at the same time!

The W1900 LCD TV features VGAâ„¢ and DVI-HDCP inputs for use with a PC, as well as an integrated tuner with Component, Composite and S-Video inputs for using it as a television. Wide form factor allows side-by-side viewing of two standard aspect (4:3) windows, while integrated 14-watt (total) stereo speakers provide an excellent audio experience. Less than 7” deep with the easily removable stand attached, the W1900 can be fit into snug places such as kitchen countertops or smaller entertainment centers often used in bedrooms or dens. This product comes with 1-year Advanced Exchange Service, and you can also get multi-year service plans as well as Dell Complete Care plans.

Price: Currently $699 with 1-YR Replacement Plan (you save $150)
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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