Contact Lens from the Future?

Ok, this isn’t quite a ‘news’ item, but it is definitely food for thought. Every month, Wired magazine’s last page, entitled “Found: Artifacts from the Future” has a picture of something that could be potentially found from in the future. Yes, some of it may be reaching, but I think that a lot of it is imaginative and within the realm of possibilities (to use a cliche). Kudos to the author(s?) that come up with these every month. This month is no different. It features a ‘smart’ contact lens that has a heads-up display (most likely customizable) that includes things like the time and date, weather forecast, and even access into file system. Of course, if you read any amount of Sci-Fi, you will have probably come across other smart types of heads-up display. Apparently, Vernor Vinge’s latest novel, Rainbows End contains just such a device.

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