China Planning to Steal Internet Leadership from US

China looks to leapfrog US’ domination in the Internet arena with the next-generation Internet. As part of China’s new five year strategy of converting from a manufacturing economy to one based on China’s scientific and technological breakthroughs, China plans on unveiling China’s Next Generation Internet (CNGI) at the 2008 Olympic Games.

CNGI is based on IPv6. Of course, the US Government has specified that all federal agency backbones should deploy IPv6 by 2008, but this Geek doesn’t buy it. I’ve heard about converting to IPng (IP Next Generation) since 1994 and I seem to remember talk that the Internet would transistion to IPv6 back in 2000.

Today, the CNGI connects 100 universities, 100 research facilities and 100 companies in 20 Chinese cities. The thought from China is the first to the market will win the strategic advantage and produce the next wave of eBays and Googles.

With the current restrictions placed on China’s access to the Internet, we’ll have to see how the strategy works out.

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