Chestnut Hill iPod Speaker System $249

Chestnut Hill has long put out their sound systems as a premium product. If you are in the market for a premium iPod player, then consider the George Audio Speaker System – CHS40001. Currently it’s available for $249 and free shipping!

Chestnut Hill George Speakers

All of GEORGE’s functions are controlled from the remote, meaning you can set an alarm, pick a song, or turn on the radio within a thirty-foot radius of the base unit. Great for desktop or bedside control, GEORGE fits anywhere.

Show off your mixing skills using GEORGE’s Jukebox feature, take requests and build a playlist, without ever leaving the party.

George remote

With 24 presets spread across four pages, you can mix your AM and FM presets and organize them by interest or genre. Every radio has presets, but who remembers which one is 101.7? GEORGE’s presets are self-labeling, meaning you’ll never have to guess again.

Most tabletop systems deliver audio through a single set of small-sized speakers, resulting in artificial high notes and muddy bass. GEORGE uses coaxial (2-way) speakers that outperform highly equalized single cone speaker designs, resulting in greater detail and accuracy. These stereo coaxial speakers are paired with a dedicated down-firing 4” subwoofer that is optimized for low frequency reproduction without excessive EQ or resonant ducts. The five speaker system is then bi-amplified for tonal balance.

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