#CES09: Ten One Design’s Gadgets Fix Fustrations of Capactive Touch Screens

Ten One Design launched several products lately including the Pogo Stylus in September and the Pogo Sketch less than a month ago.

Ten One Design’s gadgets help consumers that are frustrated by the capacitive touch screens of the iPhone, iPod touch and MacBook due to consumers with fingernails that are a bit too long to accurately use the touch screens or due to fat-fingering.

Pogo Stylus is the world’s first iPod touch- and iPhone-Compatible Stylus while the Pogo Sketch provides drawing capability using the latest multitouch MacBook trackpad. The trackpad is actually transformed into a pen tablet for premium drawing programs and other artistic applications.

The Pogo Sketch’s tip is made of advanced material that acts as a bridge by transferring the signal from the display to the user’s hand.

Both the Pogo Stylus and Pogo Sketch are available from the Ten One Design website for starting at $14.95.