#CES09: Schwinn Tailwind eBike promises faster charging, longer lifecycles

Schwinn showed off the Tailwind again at ShowStoppers. An electric eBike hybrid that can be ridden as either a conventional bike or in electric motor-assist mode, the Tailwind is a lightweight aluminum alloy frame bicycle. We saw the bike in action and it’s pretty zippy.

What’s new about this electric bike is the brand new ion battery developed by Toshiba that has the following benefits:
fully chargeable in 30 minutes (which is 10-25% the time it takes current bikes)
greatly increased lifecycle – approx 2000 charge/discharges compared to 300 to 1000 for others
15 to 25 miles distance per charge
safe and environmentally friendly

Pricing: $3200 with the replacement battery going for $500-$600. There are other Schwinn eBikes available starting around $1400.

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