#CES09: Hyperspace – Instant On Computing Environment

Hyperspace by Phoenix Technologies Ltd (the BIOS folks) was represented at Digital Experience and the Geeks received a demo.  Hyperspace provides instant-on/instant-off capabilities to use a limited number of “purpose-driven” applications including immediate access to the Internet (web browser), calendar, e-mail and a couple extra small apps. 

Besides providing instant-on/instant-off computing, Hyperspace provides smart connectivity that activates the best network source (wired then wireless), longer battery life of 25%-35%, security due to a private operating system and applications can only be updated or added if approved and owner or audited by Phoenix and Phoenix mentions uptime as an additional benefit in case Vista fails.

The HyperSpace instant-on/instant-off experience for the consumer is immediately available for download in two versions at www.hyperspace.com.  HyperSpace Hybridâ„¢ is available for $59.95 annual license or $149.95 for three years and allows the user to toggle back and forth between the two operating system environments reducing batter consumption by more than 25% when in the HyperSpace environment.  HyperSpace Dualâ„¢ is available at $39.95 annual license or $99.95 for three years and is designed for both Windows Vista and Windows XP systems that do not have virtualization enabled at the chipset level by Intel and AMD.  The difference between Dual and Hybrid is that Dual  user can only being in one environment at a time (either Windows or HyperSpace).

While an interesting concept if you want to be on the web within 10 seconds of boot, the Geeks have opted not to install this software…