CES 2009: Dlink’s All In One Router and More

Dlink has announced the Xtreme N Storage Router. This router is touted as a “All In One” router and comes in an impressive little package sporting a small picture frame, wireless N router, 4 1GB ethernet ports, SATA drive bay, and 2 USB ports for hard drive or print sharing. The router allows users to share and view as well as backup data such as music, video and photos on your network. There is even a built-in FTP server allowing you to share and access the files over the Internet. This will be available for around $300.

Also being shown was a 2-bay Network Video Recorder (NVR) supporting all D-Link cameras. You can remotely manage and view cameras connected on your network using various recording methods included scheduled or motion capture. The NVR supports 2 SATA drives in RAID 0 or 1 format. Two cameras were being shown including a pan and tilt for $299 and another camera that support N wireless or wired for $179 and $149 respectively.

For consumers, Dlink now provides a Network Storage Enclosure supporting iSCSI in RAID 0, 1 Standard and JBOD Support. You can transfer files over the Internet using ftp with SSL encryption.

Finally, a couple not-ready-for-production products were displayed including a SideStage 7″ USB LCD Monitor and an Ethernet to Coax Adapter. No pricing or availability were given for those products.

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