CES 2008: LaserShield Adds Broadband Internet Connector to Security Product Line

LaserShield has had their home security system out for a while, but recently added a new product, Sparrow, which interfaces with their Master Control box and sends alerts and other monitoring information to their data center via an Internet connection instead of over the traditional phone line.

This is good news for those people without or getting rid of a POTS landline. Sparrow will retail for $130.

LaserShieldIn case you don’t know about LaserShield, they make an affordable (starter kit is under $200) home security system that includes a master control unit and at least one wireless motion detection unit. You can have up to 10 of these motion detection units interface with the master control unit. When the system is armed and the WDU senses motion, it sends an alert to the master control unit which immediately sends an alarm to the Monitoring Center which then either tries to contact you and if they can’t contacts emergency services like the police.

The starter kit also comes with small remote control units that you can use to arm/disarm and send a panic signal. If you’d rather have a different comm mechanism, LaserShield also offers the Cyclone which sends the alerts over the GSM network.

Of course, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly monitoring service, and those start out at $10/month.