CES 2008: Belkin’s FlyWire Wirelessly Transmits HDTV

Belkin FlyWireThe Geeks didn’t even realize that Belkin was in the A/V market, but their FlyWire will sure to please plenty of people that mounted their flatscreen to the wall only to realize that they still had to run a cable up the wall from their HDMI components.

The FlyWire is a solution that allows you to play your HDTV anywhere in the house without using wires to connect to your devices eliminating the “cable up the wall” syndrome or costly custom installation.

Wireless? That won’t support true HD at 1080p right? Wrong! Using the 5GHz band frequency, the device offers 1080p True Cinema HD resolution.

The Geeks love the concept but we have a reservation about the $499 to $599 price. As a DIYer, I can definitely do a clean job of running my HDMI through the wall for a clean install. The product would be perfect for those not comfortable with that process as a custom installation would be more expensive.