CES 2007: Showstoppers is a Must-Stop

Roboquad Because we overscheduled and had meetings run late, we haven’t had enough time to post the in-depth review of ShowStoppers that we would have liked to. However, worry not, sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, CNET, Yahoo News, TechDigest, Shiny Shiny, Coolest Gadgets, and many more are covering CES insanely.

We’ll just give you a quick rundown of what we thought was cool and noteworthy at ShowStoppers. Read on.

WowWee introduced 6 new products for the North American market, including the Dragonfly, the Alive Elvis, Robopanda, Roboquad, Roboboa and the RS Media. The RS Media is certainly the most advanced of the lot, but the Dragonfly, although not a robot, but an RC toy, may be the most addictive.

PlanOn, the Docupen folks, is now making a Universal Mobile Charger that is similar in nature to the Ecosol Powerstick that we covered previously. It’s available now, but is a bit pricier than the Powerstick will probably be. Although initially meant to recharge the Docupen, the Universal Charger can charge lots of mobile devices via adapters.

Streaming Networks iRecord device, apart from the horrible name, is actually a pretty useful product. It takes in A/V source (DVD player, TiVo, TV, etc.) and records it to USB flash drives, PSPs and iPods.

HAI announced a new add-on product to their home control security systems, the Snap-Link, which is a USB key that plugs into any computer and give you secure, remote access to manage your home system (lights, webcams, thermostats, etc.).

Ageia was kind enough to demo their PhysX technology. There are some things that you can’t read about or only see still images; Up close in action is needed. Hopefully, we can get a sample soon so that our gamer geek can test it out more extensively.

AverMedia announced 3 new HD PC-TV Tuner products, the AVerTV Combo PCIe for desktops, AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard for laptops, and AVerTV Hybrid USB. Probably the most interesting one was the AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid USB, which is a hi-speed USB2.0 TV Tuner featuring a hybrid ATSC and NTSC Tuner. Users can watch and record Analog and High Definition TV through the bus-powered USB design.