CES 2007: DirecTV Shows Off Sat-Go – Ultimate TV Geek’s Gadget

Sat-Go DirecTV announced an innovative new product called Sat-Go (Satellite on the Go) that is the world’s first completely portable and self-contained satellite entertainment center. This looks like an ultimate gadget for TV geeks and looks like a hardened briefcase and can fit into the overhead bin of an airplane.

Rick Rosner, a DirecTV consumer that just so happens to be television producer (CHiPs and the New Hollywood Squares) worked with a scene shop at Jay Leno’s show and David Kuether to develop the DirecTV Sat-Go prototype. Less than a year later DirecTV is announcing the product.

The product runs off a battery and can plug into a car adapter or AC outlet and includes a flat antenna that rotates around until you hear beeping and receive a signal in the South. A mini-remote plugs into the base for easy storage. A couple of applications mentioned for the product include tailgating, camping, hunting and fishing which watching DirecTV anywhere and anytime.

Sat-Go If you’re inside you can remove the TV from the unit and use as a regular TV plugged into a DirecTV signal. Also there are a couple of inputs for devices such as Video iPods or DVD players.

DirecTV’s A-list and best customers get the first crack at purchasing the product around April and then the product will be rolled out for everyone after that.

The Sat-Go was winner of an honoree award for “Most Innovative Portable Audio-Video Award” of the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show. DirecTV’s Sat-Go will be available through directv.com and select retailers across the country. Pricing details for DirecTV Sat-Go will be released at a later date.