CES 2006: Chief Gizmateer’s CES Day 2 Report

Day two proved to be a fruitful day for the Geeks! We visited some gadgety manufacturers, went through the home automation and control as well as the whole home audio and some home theater manufacturers not to mention getting inbetween ATI and Nvidia! Finally, we were able to conduct an in-depth interview with Joe Dada, President and CEO of Smarthome and key proponent of the INSTEON home automation and control networking technology featuring dual-band and a peer-to-peer mesh network.

We were introduced to some new Kensington products that are not out yet (or even announced!). D-link showed off their new products including a total home network security device called the SecureSpot, a hotspot router (including an adapter for a car… I see gaming sessions in limos!), and their MediaLounge Server. We were able to see a highly priced but either poorly setup demo or just an underperforming Benq PE8720 projector, the first HD DVD laptop and the 4 GPU Quad SLI Dell machine.

Finally, we will post the interview with Joe Dada probably early next week. One quick note, this CEO knows his stuff technically, and despite being an engineer at heart knows business.

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