Cellphone Signal Leads Cops To Fugitive

So this guy in Jersey stabs his cousin in the chest with a screwdriver, and initially evades capture but then eventually the police track him down by using GPS to zero in on his cell phone. What does this have to do with gizmos and technology? Everything. Obviously, if this guy really didn’t want to be captured and was aware of how thie technology worked, he would have ditched the cell phone a long time ago. While it’s very cool and amazing at the clip at which technology is advancing and ‘improving’ everyone’s lives, it is quite apparent from this story that most folks are quite content to use it without having any idea of how it all works.

This also reminds me of a recent survey where 64% of people polled did not know what spyware was and 1 in 10 described as ‘a gadget from the latest Star Wars movie’. 😉 By the way, that crazy guy’s cousin lived. Well at least there is a bright point in all of this.